Tutorial for fixing Google Chrome and Yahoo Mail problems

Troubleshooting Google Chrome

Yahoo Mail problems in Chrome

Even though Google Chrome is viewed up as the most reliable web browser, users might still encounter problems with loading specific websites. Yahoo mail users who are using Google Chrome to view their email account have been facing some problems while trying to access specific emails or compose a new mail. Proper understanding of this problem will help you to be better equipped in finding a solution to the issue that you are encountering. This article is equipped with information regarding the same.

Browser slows down

Browser slowing down while trying to access Yahoo Mail is one of the most common problems experienced by Google Chrome users. The slowness basically occurs when the user tries to retrieve an email message or when browsing the inbox. In some unfortunate cases, the browser might totally freeze when Yahoo Mail is open. The current design of Yahoo Mail is main reason why Chrome users are encountering this problem. The new design of Yahoo Mail is more resource intensive than the previous classic Yahoo Mail design.

Absence of Message Field

Another problem Yahoo Mail users encounter while using Google Chrome is with composing a new message. In this case, users won’t be able to enter the address for the recipient as well as the subject for the message. Troubleshooting Google Chrome to fix this issue involves updating it to the latest version or by using the classic version of Yahoo Mail.

Unable to load   

Troubleshooting Google Chrome

Yahoo Mail problems in Chrome

Some Google Chrome users have reported that certain features of their Yahoo Mail are not loading at all. The Yahoo Mail features that are not loading in Google Chrome includes the ability to search the inbox for specific messages, ability to open some email messages, particularly the ones with attachments, and the ability to compose messages. Chrome users can try to resolve these problems by either updating chrome or by clearing browsing data.

Issues with Adobe Flash

You can find Adobe Flash-based advertisements in almost all the pages of Yahoo Mail. These advertisements usually appear in the form of videos, animated ads, or interactive ads. Even though Google Chrome is pretty good, some users might encounter problems in loading them. To resolve this issue, all you have to do is to update your Flash player to the latest version.

That’s all the information for troubleshooting Google Chrome problems with Yahoo Mail. Have a nice day!

3 thoughts on “Tutorial for fixing Google Chrome and Yahoo Mail problems

  1. nilesh

    i am facing problem while i am opening yahoomail.
    it shows that “Your screen resolution is set below our minimum recommendation of 1024 x 600 pixels.”
    after pressing “try again”,the inbox is open but mail is not opening.

  2. Olena

    if I update Chrome will it remove cookies? E.g. I can’t remember my Yahoo mail password and hope it will be saved in the new version. Does anyone know how to change Yahoo mail password if you can’t remember it? Can you please e-mail me?

  3. admin Post author

    Updating Chrome does not usually deletes the cookies. But if it happens, that may be due to some bug in your computer. You can contact our tech support team for assistance.


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