Troubleshooting a Blank Page in Google Chrome

Troubleshooting Google Chrome

Blank Page issue resolved

Google Chrome is one of the leading web browsers in existence. Since its inception it has quite simply shot to fame and popularity. Going by current usage statistics, it has surpassed Mozilla Firefox, although not by much. Thus, the rise to further glory and fame is now inevitable. This is partly due its greater ease in use and the ability to be not bogged down by unnecessary traffic. Also the fact that, it provides for a higher level of security and encryption over their fellow contemporaries. But then again some minor issues still mar the browser from ascending the dais of complete perfection. One such issue is that of the common blank page issue.

Like several of their peers, Google Chrome has the functionality of opening multiple tabs at a time. This makes viewing more than a single page through the same browser window possible. Another advantage is that you can access all the content in a tab with a single click. Gone are the days of opening a new browser window for the same. But this is exactly where a problem does occur. Sometimes, when you try to navigate to a particular page of choice by typing the concerned URL in the address bar provided produces no action whatsoever. All you get instead is a blank page with nothing on it. This problem might accidently occur once in a while and might prove to be quite annoying for the user. This calls for troubleshooting Google Chrome quickly. Here are instructions to keep in mind while going about it.


  • If you seem to have this problem occurring to you, then retype the web address causing the problem into the field where “chrome://new tab” appears. Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard and try reloading the page again.

    Troubleshooting Google Chrome

    Blank Page issue resolved

  • Click the “x” at the top right corner of the tab containing the blank page to close the tab. Now click the “+” icon to open a new tab and try again at navigating to that very same page.
  • Close the Google Chrome browser window. Re-open Chrome and type the web address that you want to view into the navigation field and press “Enter.” Loading a page that initially displays blank into a freshly opened Google Chrome window will usually resolve the problem and allow you to view the page correctly.

Thus, by making use of these suggestions, you have successfully made yourself known the reasons to go about this issue. Troubleshooting Google Chrome is therefore successful.

One thought on “Troubleshooting a Blank Page in Google Chrome

  1. sara

    Every time I opened a 4th tab I would get this error… I’m so happy you wrote the solution to the blank Google page in the browser, it really helps me solve the issue when it occurs from time to time.


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