Fixing the issue of an incomplete Google Chrome Install

Troubleshooting Google Chrome, PC

Solving the Google Chrome installation issue

Google Chrome today enjoys the largest user base when it comes to the browser usage category. The reason behind this is its obvious user-friendly interface and its ready availability on multiple platforms. Installation of Google Chrome is a breeze but if you happen to do it while a faulty internet connection, a dysfunctional Google server, or just your own PC working improperly then you might face the problem of incomplete installation. Reinstalling Google Chrome will usually fix the issue but if it does persist then you need to resort to a few troubleshooting steps targeted at resolving this very problem.

Here are a few steps on troubleshooting Google Chrome.


Uninstalling Google Chrome

A partially installed Google Chrome is up to no use at all. So the right thing to do here is completely uninstall the interrupted installation. Here are a few steps on how to do so.

  • To do this, navigate from the “Start” menu and select the “Control Panel.”
  • Click the “Uninstall a program” link, then look for a “Google Chrome” entry. If it exists, select it and click the “Uninstall” button.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the removal of Google Chrome from the system.

Installing Google Chrome back again

  • After completely removing the partially installed Google Chrome, go for reinstalling it all over again.
    • Visit the Google Chrome website, click “Download Google Chrome” and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • Wait for the software setup process to finish before using any other websites or programs on your system.
    • If the installation procedure has successfully finished, a confirmation message is displayed. If the installation has failed to complete again, there may be a problem with your Web browser or your computer.

      Troubleshooting Google Chrome, PC

      Solving the Google Chrome installation issue

Other ways of troubleshooting Google Chrome

One method is to clear the memory cache separately from your browser and then installing Google Chrome from another browser or by doing the same in Safe Mode. However, if the problem is still persistent then go for help from the official guides and Google Chrome pages. There are also tutorials and an open forum where solutions such as this will be posted.

Well that is all here. Hope this article has helped in solving your problem. Thank you.

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