Fix Google Chrome Issues

Troubleshooting Google Chrome

Web browser issues

Google Chrome is one of the most stable and credible web browsers I have ever come across. It is one of the most used web browsers all over the world. Most of the users like Google Chrome due its in-built cool options related to privacy and security. But at times you may end up with difficulties related to the loading of the Google page.

This article will let you know how to fix the issues related to the abnormal functioning of this web browser. Related articles are found in the Troubleshooting Google Chrome topics too.

Fixing issues and problems with Google Chrome

Most of the problems related to Google Chrome can be fixed by modifying the Preferences option of the browser. Here are the instructions to fix problems related to loading of the web pages.

  • The problem might be with the cookies. Certain websites employ cookies to track down the information of the user. The cookies will also speed up your log-in into those particular sites. You may face difficulties to navigate into those sites, after you disable the options for cookies. In order to enable the cookies, select the Preferences option of your web browser and select the Under the Hood option. Enable the cookies option if it is already disabled. Check the authenticity of the websites before you perform this operation. Most of the suspicious and fraudulent websites often use cookies to track down the internet browsing activities of the user.

    Troubleshooting Google Chrome

    Web browser issues

  • Problem with the loading of the webpage can occur if you disable the JavaScript options. Many websites make use of the JavaScript to perform log-in operations. Follow the same steps as mentioned above in order to enable JavaScript.
  • Problems can also occur due to hacking. Hackers can get into your system and can monitor your browsing activities. Use strong password for your email accounts so that the hackers find it difficult to intrude into your system. Make use of different usernames to log on to your email and other social networking sites.
  • Install powerful antivirus software to protect your system from the attack of malicious software like Spyware and virus. The malicious program like the Spyware not only makes your browser slow, but can compromise all your sensitive information. Install antivirus software that has got an inbuilt scanner that can detect and fix all the malicious software from you system.

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