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Fixing the issue of an incomplete Google Chrome Install

Google Chrome today enjoys the largest user base when it comes to the browser usage category. The reason behind this is its obvious user-friendly interface and its ready availability on multiple platforms. Installation of Google Chrome is a breeze but if you happen to do it while a faulty internet connection, a dysfunctional Google server, […]

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Fix Google Chrome Issues

Google Chrome is one of the most stable and credible web browsers I have ever come across. It is one of the most used web browsers all over the world. Most of the users like Google Chrome due its in-built cool options related to privacy and security. But at times you may end up with […]

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Resolving the issues with Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome can be used on computers running the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. When the browser is showing any problems with Google Chrome like slow connection, freezes or crashes, you will have to reinstall the program. Before reinstalling the Google Chrome browser, you will have to uninstall the program first. Instructions by Google […]

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All You Need to do to Add Google Chrome as a Browser in Visual Studio

Google Chrome happens to be a freeware web browser created by Google which makes use of the Webkit layout engine. It was launched as a beta version for Microsoft Windows. The key features of Google Chrome include security, speed, simplicity and stability. It differs markedly from its peers owing to its minimalistic user interface. Using […]

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How to Repair Google Chrome Problems

Google Chrome, being one of the most popular web browsers, is currently used by millions of computer users around the globe. This internet browser is designed to work for computers that run on Windows operating system as well as Mac-based computer systems. The program is an alternative to Internet Explorer, Safari or even Firefox and […]

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How to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Problems with Windows 7

There may be occasions when Google Chrome and Windows 7 OS interfere with the working of each other and cause problems. These problems are due to corrupt user profiles, inaccurate browser settings, malware, or adware. Given below are the techniques for troubleshooting Google Chrome problems. User Profile One of the main reasons for Google Chrome […]

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Uninstall Google Chrome

Google has an intuitive interface that helps the users in fast browsing and loading the web pages. Some web pages, however, will not open with Google Chrome and may show up errors and other issues. The reason for the issue is probably due to the page not having been rightly configured to work in Google […]

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Pandora Profile Using Google Chrome

To view the Pandora music service correctly in the browser, you need to configure the Google Chrome to allow usage of plug-ins, like Adobe Flash. The system time and date must be correct and the security software cannot interfere with downloads from Pandora.com. Instructions for troubleshooting Google chrome The Google Chrome support team has a […]

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Uninstalling Google Chrome Extensions

Extensions seen in Web browsers are used to increase the functionality of browsers expand on entertainment; show the place games or news directly in your browser. Extensions often enhance the experience of browsing the Web and make it easier and seamless for users by including special features and customizable tools to the functionality of the […]

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Troubleshoot Problems with Geo-Location in Chrome 9

Google Chrome‚Äôs browser is now provided with a geo-location feature. It allows websites to identify as well as record the location of the computer which is currently in use. By default, as and when a site asks for information with respect to location, the user will be asked to provide confirmation before they are granted […]

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