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Best tablet PC

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Nowadays more and more people are going for tablet PCs, instead of laptops or notebooks. In fact, tablet PCs are a combination of notebooks and tablets, which makes it more appealing to the user. At first look, the tablet PC may look quite similar to a laptop. They carry a conventional keyboard and a display screen. But the convertibility aspect makes it different from the conventional laptops and notebooks.

2013 saw tablet PCs under a wide variety of configurations and price tags. Choosing the best tablet PC from a wide range of options can be a difficult task. This article will let you know more about the best brands available in the market.

Kobo Arc

This tablet PC is released in the market with a special caption called “ebook reader”. Even though the ebook app of Kobo is the major attraction, you may easily install Android Apps too. The 16 GB configuration of the Kobo Arc tablet PC may cost you somewhere around £160 . You may also buy the 32GB model of the tablet PC for £190 .

When it comes to hardware configurations, Kobo is loaded with a dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4470 CPU and it makes use of an 800x, 1280 IPS display.

Nexus 7

Now, the Nexus 7 will not be a bad option, if you like to have a small size and easy to carry tablet PC. You would be surprised to know that Google is the manufacturer of this device. The option of Google Play gives it a huge advantage over its competitors.

Best tablet PC

                 Buy the best tablet PC

Coming to the hardware features of the Nexus 7, it carries an 800x, 1280 display with a 7 inch touchscreen. The operating system is of course, Android. The pricing aspects of the Nexus 7 and Kobo Arcs are somewhat the same. The 16 GB version may cost you around £159.

Amazon ebook reader

Even though one cannot install android apps, it has got a lot of other stuff to offer. However, the user can download the Amazon apps and install it on the device. The additional features of this tablet are movie streaming facility and enhanced music utilities. The 16 GB version can be purchased for £159.

Above all, you should make the selection based on your requirements. Purchase the best tablet PC after comparing the hardware and pricing aspects.

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