Issues in Google Chrome

Google Chrome problems, Resolving host

Fixing errors in Chrome

The working principle of a browser is not as simple as it seems. When the user types the website address, the browser will connect to the service provider’s server and match the IP address with the domain name typed in the URL box. Then it connects to that particular IP address and the page opens. Though this seems to take much time, in actuality it is done within fractions of seconds, so that we don’t feel the delay in the process. If you are using Google Chrome, the browser will contact the ISP server for the IP addresses of the domain names and retrieve the websites

Sometimes, when the users tries to visit a website in Chrome, the webpage is not loaded and a Resolving Host message is displayed on the bottom status bar. This happens when the browser is not able to connect to the IP address of the domain name given. To fix the issue the DNS pre-fetching service in Chrome should be disabled. The DNS pre-fetching attempts to predict the network actions to improve page load speed. this article contains the troubleshooting steps for the Google Chrome problems caused by DNS pre-fetching.

Instructions for fixing Google Chrome problems

These steps by the Google Chrome support team will guide the users through the steps for resolving the issues with the host in the browser. The procedure given here simple and best for resolving the issues with the host. The steps are as follows:

ñ Launch the Google Chrome application on the PC or Mac computer.

ñ Click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the window and open the Tools menu.

ñ Choose Options or Preferences from the menu.

ñ Go to the Under the Hoodtab in the window that appears

Google Chrome problems, Resolving host

Fixing errors in Chrome

ñ Uncheck the box next to Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance in the Privacy section of the window.

ñ In some versions of Chrome, this option may be labeled Predict network actions to improve page load performance.

ñ Press Close and then restart the application.

ñ Chrome should now load Web pages correctly and not display the Resolving Host message.

These steps will help you in fixing the Resolving Host message of the browser and connect to the required website.

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