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Pop-ups in Chrome

Pop-ups are windows opened without the permission of the user. When the user in browsing through a site, without consent some online advertising or gaming pages may pop-up. These will redirect to other web pages from the original page. These can be traps to download Trojans or worms into the system. Hence, to prevent this, Google by default blocks all the pop-up windows. Thus, the advertisements are eliminated and the browser performance is increased. However, some websites or web applications require a pop-up window for proper functioning. The login or activation or the agreement form are displayed as pop-ups and the further function of the page depend on the action done on the popped windows. Hence, it becomes necessary to enable pop-up for such sites.  This article will help in enabling all pop-ups in Google Chrome.

Instructions by Google Chrome support

These steps by the support team of Google will help the users in allowing pop-ups in the browser. Pop-ups are necessary in certain cases; while in some cases they are disturbances. However, if the user don’t mind closing the pop-ups frequently or if the user wants the pop-ups for certain sites to be shown; these steps will help in enabling the pop-ups. The steps are as follows:


  • Launch the Google Chrome application on the Windows system or Mac computer.
  • Go to the Tools menu on a Windows system or the Chrome menu on a Mac
  • Select Preferences.
  • Go to the Under the Hood tab at the top of the window.
  • Click on the Content Settings button under the Privacy section.
  • Go to the Pop-upstab.

    Google Chrome support

    Pop-ups in Chrome

  • Choose the radio button next to Allow all sites to show pop-ups.
  • Hit Close to save the settings.
  • Google Chrome will now open all website pop-up windows.

These steps will open the pop-ups of all the sites. If you don’t want the pop-ups of all the sites to be shown, just for certain then you can do that by selecting accordingly from the Pop-ups tab. If these steps did not help you in enabling the pop-ups, contact the Google Chrome support for alternate ways or further assistance.

Hope this article was informative and helped you in enabling the pop-ups for your browser.

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