Resolving Yahoo Mail problems

Google Chrome problems

Google Chrome issues with Yahoo

Google Chrome is a reliable and consistent web browser. However, with some sites, the user might face with some Google Chrome problems. One such site is Yahoo. Yahoo Mail users have complained about the issues when trying to access their mails. This article will help you in understanding the cause of the Google Chrome problems with yahoo.

Slowness of the browser

The most common problem that users face with Google Chrome, while accessing Yahoo Mail is the slowness of the browser. This happens primarily when the user is attempting to retrieve an email. Rarely, the browser will freeze when Yahoo Mail opens. This slowness experienced by Chrome users is because of the current Yahoo Mail design. The Yahoo Mail is more resource intensive than the classic Yahoo Mail design and is probably at the heart of the problem.

No Message Field

This is not a major problem, although, yet Yahoo Mail users may experience issues when composing a new message. The address of the recipients can be typed into the To filed, but nothing can be typed into the message field. This issue can be resolved by updating Google Chrome to the latest version of the browser. Alternatively, classic version of Yahoo Mail can also be updated.

Loading failure

When accessing Yahoo mail using Google Chrome, some features may not load. Features like searching the inbox for specific messages, composing messages, and opening certain messages, with attachments, will not load at all. This issue can be resolved by either updating Chrome or clearing the browsing data of the browser.

  • Click Google Chrome options menu

    Google Chrome problems

    Google Chrome issues with Yahoo

  • Click under the Hood and select Clear browsing data.

This will resolve the issue of loading failure.

Adobe Flash problems

Videos, animated ads, or interactive ads, which are based on Adobe Flash are found in every page of Yahoo. Though Chrome can handle Flash, sometimes it may still show errors. Yahoo pages with Flash components may not load. This issue can be resolved by updating the Adobe Flash add-on to the latest version. Updating Google Chrome to the latest version can also resolve the issue.

All these issues and errors are minor ones and can be easily resolved by updating Chrome or the corresponding software. Users who have the latest Chrome version and Yahoo Mail version usually do not face much trouble. Hope this article was informative for you.

2 thoughts on “Resolving Yahoo Mail problems

  1. Melanie Lim

    I cannot access the Compose/Reply/Delete toolbar. It seems to be hidden. But I don’t have this problem when I use Internet Explorer or Firefox.


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