Top Apps For Your Android Powered Tablets

Best Android Apps For Tablets

Android App Features

A new era of mobile computing has rushed forward with the advent of tablets. These hand-held devices are more powerful than smart-phones, yet handier when compared to laptops. In the past decade, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have given enough strength to mobile devices in order to replace computers in terms of functions you can use with them.

Started out with the basic features of being able to access your emails, today’s mobile devices are sleeker, smaller and more convenient, yet as powerful as a laptop. New technological advances, fueled by the extremely powerful and fast OS, cajoled experts into predicting that personal computers and laptops will soon give way to the mobile devices, which as time proved, was not far away from the truth.

What made Android click is the huge collection of Apps available for download in the App store, all thanks to the free and open source philosophy. Some of these absolute essential apps, the best Android apps for tablets, are listed below:


  • Using this app, you can read the RSS feeds from your preferred sources.
  • You will be able to browse through latest articles from the sources you have subscribed.
  • The entire interface has an intuitive display that looks and feels like a magazine and is customized for best viewing and reading experience.

Google Hangouts

  • Although Google’s Google+ social networking platform is yet to make it big, the instant messaging feature, Hangouts, has already gained acceptance from netizens and Android smart phone users.
  • It is a replacement for Google Talk and provides added features.
  • Allows you to send text messages, picture attachments and make video calls with all your friends who are registered in Hangouts.
  • PC or low range Android phones will be able to work equally well.

    Google Talk

    Android Powered Tablets


  • Photography-themed social networking website with some unmatched functionalities.
  • In-built image editing features to enhance or stylize your photos.
  • Share your pictures with your friends and rest of the world using social networking sites of your preferences.


  • Free voice and video calls through VoIP, what more do you want!
  • For medium end Android phones with front-facing camera, this App is invaluable.
  • You can make international calls at a fraction of the cost it would take through conventional methods.

As it can be seen, the mobile devices are powerful enough to provide even the high end functions through the use of Apps. Make sure you become familiar with the best Android apps for tablets because you will be using them once you start using a tablet.

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How Does A Laptop, Netbook And Tablet Differ From Each Other?

Netbook Vs Tablet

Features Of Netbook

Are you looking to buy a portable computer? If you are, then it is obvious that you might be a bit confused on which one to choose. You have various portable systems in the market like laptops, netbooks, tablets etc. Therefore, choosing the right one could be tricky. Now, in this post, we will carry out comparisons between netbook vs tablet and compare them with laptops so that you could choose the one that fits your needs.

First, let us go through the features of laptops. They can be considered as the first popular portable computers in the world. Just as the name suggests, you can use them by placing them on your lap for long hours. Laptops are much smaller in size when compared with the desktop computers. Most of the laptop computers offer essential features like DVD drives, USB ports etc. Now, you might have heard about notebook computers. It is just another name given to the laptop computer.

USB Ports

 Features Of Tablet Computers

Next are the netbook computers. You may consider netbooks as laptops that are cut down in size. Netbooks are lighter compared to laptops. However, they do not have some of the features found in laptops like the CD/DVD drives. The storage capacity of netbooks is much lower than that of laptops. When it comes to processors and computing power, netbooks make use of lower configuration processors with low computing power. The major function of netbooks is aiding the use internet on the go.

Tablets are the latest revolution in the market. Tablets come in small screen sizes, lesser than that of netbooks. All the tablets in the market come with a touch screen. Therefore, there are no keyboards in a tablet computer. You may use your fingers or use a stylus pen for inputting commands to the device. The convenience of carrying the tablet computers has made it much popular. When you compare netbook vs tablet, you can find that tablets are priced much lower than netbooks, which makes them even more attractive. All the major players in the market release tablet computers.

We hope that this post has helped you to find out the basic differences between a laptop, netbook and a tablet computer. So, keep the above-mentioned features of each device in mind while choosing a portable computer. This will help you to choose the best portable device that suits your requirements.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Android Emulator Application

Run Android Apps On PC

                Popular Android Apps

Do you know that you can run your favourite Android applications on your PC? Well, if you are surprised to hear this, I am going to explain how you can run Android apps on PC. In order to run your favourite Android apps on your PC, you need to have an Android emulator program. A popular emulator program you may find is BlueStacks.

Hardware requirements to run BlueStacks

In order to run BlueStacks in your PC, you need to have better hardware features. You should have at least 2GB of RAM, a good graphics card and a powerful processor. Without these recommended hardware features, BlueStacks could lag and cause system freezing. If your PC is not equipped with these hardware features at present, upgrade it with the recommended settings before you install BlueStacks in it.

Android emulator app that does not require hardware upgrade

If you cannot upgrade your PC with higher hardware features for one or other reasons, you can go for alternative Android emulator applications. A couple of top Android emulator applications other than BlueStacks are discussed below. You can install these apps without upgrading your hardware and run Android apps on PC without any glitches.

Android SDK emulator

Favourite Android Applications

    Android Emulator Apps

Android SDK emulator is known to be the best Android emulator app of the average man, because it does not require any hardware upgrade. You can install it on any of your Windows PCs, no matter how low the hardware features are. The application is also known as native Android emulator because of its simple requirements, higher features and widespread acceptability. The best part is that Android SDK emulator is offered by Google, the developer of Android, itself. So, you can enjoy a number of Google features as well while using this app on your PC.

GenyMotion Emulator

Another popular Android emulator application is GenyMotion. In fact, this is the upgraded version of Android VM. GenyMotion offers two different versions; paid version and free version. Obviously, the paid version contains more features than the free version. You may find that some of the features present in the paid version are missing in the free version of GenyMotion. Nevertheless, it allows you to run its basic function, running your favourite Android apps on PC, without any problems. GenyMotion is also compatible with third party operating systems such as Linux and Mac.

There are a few more Android emulator applications, for instance Android for PC emulator, The Jar of Beans Android Emulator and Youwave Emulator. Review the features of each app before you install the right one.

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Comparison Of Laptops And Tablets

Tablet Vs Laptop

              Tablet And Laptop

Are you confused on making your choice between tablets and laptops? You can read the tablet vs laptop comparison that is shared below to know more on the advantages of laptops over tablets.


Laptops are generally cheaper than tablets, especially when you are planning to buy high-end tablets like iPad, Xoom, Galaxy tab etc.

Even though a tablet can be operated with one hand, it does not offer a wrist rest like a laptop does. The user also has to move his arm constantly while operating a tablet. This can prove to be tiresome.

Input Speed

Using a traditional keyboard to type is faster and more convenient than using a virtual keyboard, especially when you have high volume typing workloads.

Video Capabilities

When the laptops have discrete graphics cards, most of the tablets have embedded graphics processors. As per the experts, the quality of graphics of the graphics card and graphics processor is not on the same level. This means that a graphics card produces better graphics.

Folder Management

Tablets are not yet folder oriented as laptops are. Those who make use of a computer for business and work understand the importance of folders and implementing good folder management.

Processor Speed

Tablets still have a long way to compete with the speeds of many of the commercially available laptops.

Advantages Of Laptops

        Laptop Computer


We all know that tablets do not have CD or DVD ROMs and they do not have a CD or DVD writer. If you are planning to use your tablet to watch movies, you will first have to get the movies to a pen drive or some other external device that can be used with the tablet. If the tablet is capable of supporting an external memory card, you can copy the DVD to the memory card and then use it in the tablet. You will also be not able to install anything that is intended for a PC or laptop, even if you can get the installation file on the flash memory of the tablet. Programs that are meant to be used on laptops and PCs do not work on tablets, as they need a different operating system like Windows, Mac, or Linux.

These are some of the drawbacks of tablets when compared to laptops as posted on the tablet vs laptop page. If you wish to know more, you can visit the official Windows page.

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Android Apps To Boost Productivity Of Small Businesses

Run Android Apps On PC

             Android Apps

Android operating system is the leading operating system in the smartphone market. The recent trend is to run Android apps on PC. There are many Android apps that can be run on PC to increase the productivity of your small business. You may read ahead to know more on some of these Android applications.


This is a free app from Android that allows the users to print files from their Android device to the printer. The users can follow the configuration video to install Google Cloud Print Service on their PCs. Not only this, but the users can share their printer with their friends, it offers an internal browser that can help in file management, mail or sms printing, allows printing of web pages, and lets the users print from the clipboard. Moreover, with the help of the cloud print app, the users can print to any printer that is connected with Google Chrome along with sms and contact list printing.

With the in-built feedback button in the app, users can quickly report any operational or technical issues to developers of the app. This app has a user rating of 4.6, as it is very easy to install and offers free plus quick printing.

Contact List Printing

                 Running Android Apps


This free app allows the users to easily access, edit and share documents and stay in touch with the members of your team, from any device. This app helps the users build quick presentations, view updates from the co-workers and register comments. As per the recent statistics, 92 percent of the Fortune 500 companies use Box to have easy and secure data sharing. This app offers a safe platform to edit, access and manage files directly on the Android phone or tablet of the users. This app lets the users save content in it from other apps and it allows saving files to the SD card.

This app offers an interactive platform to the users where they can invite their colleagues to share data and leave their comments. The users can also quickly search for content that they wish for with the Box app. The user rating of this app is 4.4 and so this is a zero complaint app.

These are some of the Android apps that can be used to increase the productivity of small businesses. If you wish to know more on the steps to run Android apps on PC, you can seek help from a professional in the field.

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