A List Of Android Tablet Apps For Business

Best Android Apps For Tablets

              Android Apps For Tablets

A person handling business might need certain apps that help them with their work, which sometimes is the most difficult thing to do. It is hard to find one, especially when there is a huge collection of apps available out in the market. Most of the apps are very useful. In case you have been looking for a list of best Android apps for tablets, here is a list of business apps for executives.

Due Today

The app that tops the list of best Android apps is Due Today. In case you have issues with getting things organized, then this app might be helpful to you. There are different features in Due Today, which help you with managing things in an easy way. You can enter specific events and reminders for the same. This will let you not to forget about any upcoming event, lest you forget to enter it into the reminder list.

Intuit GoPayment

When it comes to finance, this is one of the best apps. Intuit GoPayment lets the users to read credit card details, keep a track of all the detailed files and save the email addresses of different clients. This app also helps you with making payments, but there is limit to the amount to pay. Any transaction within 100 dollars a month can be carried out with Intuit GoPayment.

File Manager HD

If you have an Android device with many files lurking and do not have the time to organize them, this app would be your best friend while handling files on the device. This file manager lets you access the file system just the same way you do on a desktop. This app gives you all the needed controls to manage files in the device.

Business Apps

                 Android Business Apps

Quick Office Pro HD

This is one of the best Android apps for tablets in case your device is powered by Honeycomb version. This is one of the necessary apps to help you work with the different applications in Microsoft Office. It helps you when you work on Word, Excel and many other applications.

StockAlert Tablet Edition

Take hold of this app in case you are an investor, an individual interested in stock prices or a stock trader. You get many news and alerts associated with Stocks and Shares.

With the above business apps, you will be able to work in the most effective way by saving time and increasing productivity.

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Which Is Best For You: Tablet Or Laptop?

Tablet Vs Laptop

                     Advantages Of Using Tablet

Microsoft had released a tall claim when Surface Pro 3 tablet was launched, claiming that it is powerful enough to replace mainstream laptops. While comparing the technical specifications it may true. However, when it comes to actual productive use, tablets will stand to lose in the entire tablet vs laptop race. For power users, who use computers for software development, professional level video editing and serious high end gaming, tablets are never a real option.

Any person who has ever used a tablet PC would attest to the fact that they miss two key features. A keyboard and a mouse! Unless tablets get these features, or an active replacement that performs as well as the default set up does, tablets will never come on par with laptops. The technical specifications only matter to an extent beyond which mobile devices will not find use due to limitations in the operability of the system itself.

Moreover, most tablets available in the market presently lack RAM. As we know, the lesser the RAM of the device, the more often new information needs to be written over the old information, decreasing the efficiency of the device itself. This especially insinuates multi-taskers who need multiple applications open at the same time. Most tablets only have a quarter of the RAM that medium to low range laptops have!

Tablet PC

                 Debate On Use Of Tablet

Another issue is storage space. 500 GB of storage space is available in most laptop computers, and high end ones have upto 2 Terabytes of capacity. This level of space in a compact hand-held device is simply unimaginable using today’s technology. Moreover, such tablets, when they get released, will come for an extremely high price tag.

Hence, even if tablets win in terms of having crisper and sharper displays and have a longer battery backup, they still lose when it comes to heavy processor intensive use. Thus, in the race between tablet vs laptop, who wins is not the major question. More crucial is your usage of the intended device. Depending on your needs, you will have to purchase the device that is best suited for you.

If your primary interests are checking your emails, going online and watching an occasional movie in Netflix, tablet PC is your best bet. You will be able to get clearer picture without draining out your battery. However, if your primary need is running various software, you are better off purchasing a laptop. The high processing power will make up for the inconvenience due to lack of mobility.

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Deciding Between Laptops And Tablets

Tablet Vs Laptop

Features Of A Good Tablet

From the sale of Windows 8 statistics to the extremely powerful tablets, all predictions were pointing at an extinction of laptops in the future, paving way to hand-held systems. However, how much truth lies in this conjecture? Would laptops cease to exist one day?

The answer, in short, would be, NOT in the NEAR future. Maybe someday laptops will be replaced by retina implants and keyboards by bionic implants that monitor your finger movements. However, the chances of a hand-held device actually eliminating laptops, winning the tablet vs laptop war are remote, if not nil. Presently, the biggest issue is the technical configuration itself. Even the highest configuration tablet does not reach up to level with low cost laptops. Even the basic hardware configurations for laptops are unreachable while keeping the mobility that tablets offer. Even 4 GB of RAM or 500 GB of hard-disk is unimaginable for present day tablets.

The only region where tablets reign is battery backup. Tablets generally have higher battery backup, not because of the competence of the battery but because of the low power consumption due to low powered processors. However, this low processing power has its own limitations and is a nightmare for multi-taskers who want to work on multiple apps at the same time. When it is time to run some processor intensive software and do some actual work, you would prefer the laptop over anything else.

The biggest problem that stands in the way of laptops is the very reason that it is devoid of mobility.  However, the keyboard and mouse make the best input devices when it comes to actual work. Touch screen does not bode well for typing for extended durations or for clicking and dragging with precision. This means, while tablet is ideal for reading few books, surfing the internet and watching a couple of videos, it cannot be used for anything more. The lack of keyboard, the small screen and an effective alternative solution to mouse is what stops it from being popular.

To end with, laptops and tablets are complementary devices and are defined to be used for different purposes. If you need more

laptops and tablets

Advantages Of Using Laptop

features than occasionally typing out a few messages, or just browsing the internet and need to run some advanced software suites, it is better to settle for a laptop. The whole tablet vs laptop war is, in a way, pointless because both devices serve different needs.

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Latest AOC Tablet Appeals With Low Price But Criticized For Older Android Version

Tablet Pc Reviews

                 Tablet Reviews

Tablets are slowly replacing other computing devices in the recent times. Although some say that tablets are less convenient as compared to smartphones, the downside with the latter is that they have relatively small screen size than the former and therefore are not apt for advanced computing tasks. Tablets on the other hand have bigger screens that are suitable for word processing, watching movies and playing games.

As compared to laptops, tablets are more convenient to carry around and have better battery power. AOC, the international electronic company, has recently launched a tablet with many advanced features. The tablet codenamed AOC Breeze is in the 8″ tablet genre. What makes it a perfect choice for customers is the extremely low price at which it is sold.

AOC Breeze 8″ tablet

Claimed to be the first tablet from AOC, AOC Breeze 8″ tablet has a good appeal to the public. Adding to this is the strong hardware configuration it has, for instance the processor it has sported, Rockchip. The tablet has a compact look and is well designed. The low price of the tablet makes it possible for everyone to grab it. The tablet is compatible with a large number of connectivity options such as USB 2.0, OTG, Micro SD slot and 3.5 headphone jack. In terms of performance, AOC Breeze 8″ tablet does not disappoint users at all.

Tablet Genre

                       Economy Tablet Devices

Old Android version but modified

According to some leading tablet PC reviews websites, the Android version used in the AOC tablet is not new. The tablet sports an older version of Android 2.1. However, according to the manufacturers, AOC sports a modified version of Android 2.1. However, it runs pretty smooth on the Rockchip processor, which has only 600Mhz. Users who have had the first touch of the device say that they couldn’t identify any other major drawback with the device.

Preinstalled applications

The AOC tablet has a slew of essential applications preinstalled on it. So, upon purchasing the device, you only need to update the OS and the installed apps. You are free to download and install new apps from Google Play.

In terms of performance and price, AOC tablet stands out. However, the device is being criticized for the older Android version preinstalled in it by most tablet PC reviews. The device does not allow you to upgrade to latest Android versions. However, it is a good one for the beginners of Android devices.

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Top Apps For Your Android Powered Tablets

Best Android Apps For Tablets

Android App Features

A new era of mobile computing has rushed forward with the advent of tablets. These hand-held devices are more powerful than smart-phones, yet handier when compared to laptops. In the past decade, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have given enough strength to mobile devices in order to replace computers in terms of functions you can use with them.

Started out with the basic features of being able to access your emails, today’s mobile devices are sleeker, smaller and more convenient, yet as powerful as a laptop. New technological advances, fueled by the extremely powerful and fast OS, cajoled experts into predicting that personal computers and laptops will soon give way to the mobile devices, which as time proved, was not far away from the truth.

What made Android click is the huge collection of Apps available for download in the App store, all thanks to the free and open source philosophy. Some of these absolute essential apps, the best Android apps for tablets, are listed below:


  • Using this app, you can read the RSS feeds from your preferred sources.
  • You will be able to browse through latest articles from the sources you have subscribed.
  • The entire interface has an intuitive display that looks and feels like a magazine and is customized for best viewing and reading experience.

Google Hangouts

  • Although Google’s Google+ social networking platform is yet to make it big, the instant messaging feature, Hangouts, has already gained acceptance from netizens and Android smart phone users.
  • It is a replacement for Google Talk and provides added features.
  • Allows you to send text messages, picture attachments and make video calls with all your friends who are registered in Hangouts.
  • PC or low range Android phones will be able to work equally well.

    Google Talk

    Android Powered Tablets


  • Photography-themed social networking website with some unmatched functionalities.
  • In-built image editing features to enhance or stylize your photos.
  • Share your pictures with your friends and rest of the world using social networking sites of your preferences.


  • Free voice and video calls through VoIP, what more do you want!
  • For medium end Android phones with front-facing camera, this App is invaluable.
  • You can make international calls at a fraction of the cost it would take through conventional methods.

As it can be seen, the mobile devices are powerful enough to provide even the high end functions through the use of Apps. Make sure you become familiar with the best Android apps for tablets because you will be using them once you start using a tablet.

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