Some First-Rate Android Phone Apps

Good Apps For Android

             Android Entertainment Apps

Android is the most common phone OS in the world, owing to the many ways you can customize its use. One thing that users love about it is the countless apps you can download off Google Play. These programs fall under multiple categories including, entertainment, productivity, and education. Here are some good apps for Android which you can download and use for free.

Google Maps

This is a navigational application from Google, which lets you locate and find places on a map. This lets you easily find your destination, as well as the current distance to it. Digital maps are the new thing, and Google Maps is one of the best assisters in that direction.

Angry Birds

Designed by Rovio Mobile Ltd, this game can make sure you spend hours on end having awesome fun. Ask any Android phone owner and they’ve heard of this already. This is a physics-based game which has you throwing birds around at hard-to-reach targets. Suffice it to say this requires a fair level of skill and logic application to play through. You have few better entertainment applications for Android.

Facebook for Android

This is the official app for the massively popular Facebook social network. It lets you stay in touch with your friends on contacts in the network using the data connection you can access on the phone. This means you can be anywhere with Wi-Fi or 3G, and you’ll be socially connected.

Gmail App for Android

Applications For Android

               Android Productivity Apps

This is the official app for the Gmail webmail service from Google, letting you check and manage your emails while on the go. You can set up more than one Gmail account on this app, so that others besides you can sign in and use it too. The same app lets you read and reply to all your emails.

Google Sky Map

This is probably the most awesome mobile app that anyone has come out with. It’s a wonderful addition in your phone if you’re an astronomy enthusiast. What it lets you do is check out the midnight sky and identify star pair and constellation patterns. If you spend nights staring upwards anyway, this might be a nice new way to look at things.

These are some of the really good apps for Android phones, and like I said, they take care of different stuff including productivity and entertainment.

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Tablet Or Netbook? Things To Check Before Buying

Netbook Vs Tablet

Best Tablet Deals

We are currently in the era of portable computing devices. Although heavy and unportable desktops are still used by millions, they are less preferred nowadays as compared to portable devices like laptops, netbooks and tablets.

Laptop was introduced as a portable alternative to desktops. However, with the introduction of netbooks and tablets, they are now considered less portable. Today, laptops and desktops are chosen by people for productive tasks while netbooks and tablets for social networking, fun and communication.

Netbook vs tablet

When it comes to choosing a portable computing device, there are a few factors that need to be taken into the consideration. This includes the size, the usability, the price and the battery life. Obviously, both netbooks and tablets go side by side in all these aspects. It is timely to look at the major pros and cons of netbooks as well as tablets. I am sure this will help you zero in on the right device for you.

Pros and cons of tablets

Tablets are more portable than netbooks. They have better battery life and are compatible with thousands of applications. Presently, you can get tablets running on any of your preferred operating system, say Windows, Android or iOS. Usually, tablets come in 7-inch range. You can get bigger tablets as well.

Tablets are ideal for social networking, web browsing and entertainment. However, they are way behind when it comes to executing productive tasks such as word processing. This is mainly because of its lack of built-in keyboard. Although you can access the virtual keyboard in the tablet, this is not ideal for time-consuming tasks. Ideally, if you are looking for a portable computing device mainly for productive tasks, tablet is not for you.

Netbooks: Pros and Cons

Netbook Deal

Advantages Of Netbook

Netbook can be better described as a smaller version of a laptop. Most of the tasks that you can do in a laptop or desktop can be done using a netbook. Apparently, netbooks are ideal for productive tasks such as word-processing, web browsing, etc. Unlike tablets, netbooks have separate keyboard and screen.

The major downsides of netbook include small screen and small keyboard. If you are used to working on bigger screens and standard keyboards, the screen and the keyboard of your netbook may annoy you.

Well, I am sure that this netbook vs tablet comparison has given you some idea about both the devices. Now, do some online research to finalize on the best tablet or netbook deal.

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Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Or iPad Air 2 - Which One's Better?

iPad Vs Tablet

               Best Tablet Model

So, Apple has launched iPad Air 2, the sixth generation of the tablet since the first one was launched almost four years ago. Evidently, many gizmo geeks have started to compare the latest iPad version with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Samsung has been delivering arguably the best gadgets of late and have been posing stiff competition to Apple and other honchos in the market.

Well, here lets us compare the latest iPad vs tablet and check which one scores better.

Design and build

If you’re familiar with the designs of Galaxy Tab or are using one, don’t be ready for any major change in the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 10.5, because there aren’t any as such. The only visible change that Samsung has brought about is that the latest tablet is slightly thinner, especially when you compare it with iPad Air 2. The Galaxy Tab S weighs around 465 g, which is almost the same as of iPad Air 2. However, if you go for the LTE version of the former, it would weigh more.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5 comprises of a physical home button, two touch-sensitive buttons and stereo speakers that are placed on the side. The rear is made using dimpled plastic, whereas Apple has used aluminium for iPad Air 2. Arguably, iPad Air 2 looks sleeker.


iPad Version

              Latest iPad Versions

The latest version of the Galaxy tab has 10.5 inch screen and uses super AMOLED technology and even has a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Also, it has a greater pixel density than iPad, which makes it more suitable for customers who are looking for a complete package instead of certain advanced options. In fact, one can say that Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is suitable for an average user as it has all those features that a person would desire.

Processor and hardware

The Tab S 10.5 uses Exynos 5 Octa-core processor or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The tab also boasts of a 3 GB RAM and if you talk about the storage space, it can be extended up to 128 GB. On the other hand, iPad Air 2 has Apple’s A7 chip. Well, the storage space is limited to 16 GB or 32 GB and you don’t have the option to expand it.

Thus, after comparing iPad vs tablet, one can conclude that iPad is for those users who look for ultra-sophisticated features and are concerned about security. Galaxy Tab S 10.5 comes as a complete package with almost all essential options. The choice is yours!

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Some Of The Best Coffee Apps For Android

Cool Apps For Android

                List Of Android Apps

Android has introduced some cool apps for Android phone users who also happen to be coffee lovers. Read on to know more on these interesting apps that have captured the hearts of coffee lovers.

My Coffee Card

This is one of the easiest ways to pay for people buying their drinks from coffee shops. The best feature of the app is that you can link it with the credit card, and fill it with credits. When you are at the cash counter to pay your bill, you can utilize this card to make the payment. This lessens the burden of walking around with money in your wallet, which also makes payment even easier with the card.

Barista Me – Coffee Guide

This is the app for coffee junkies who would die to make the perfect cup of coffee. This app helps you through the making of coffee with a step-by-step procedure along with a visual representation of different ingredients. The app is very neat and visually appealing too.


When it comes to coffee apps, this one definitely makes a mark. This is one of the must-haves for all coffee lovers looking for a coffee app. In case you have relocated to another place recently and are not sure where the coffee shops are, the app will be helpful. They help you to locate the nearest Starbucks coffee shop, which also lets you make payment for your drinks. It lets you load the card with credits to make payments whenever needed. Moreover, you can look into the reward points that you get and track down the transactions.

Coffee Fix

Coffee Fix perhaps is one of the best coffee shop locators among the other Android apps. With the app, you can locate both your position and the nearest coffee shop. With this information, you can decide on which coffee shop to visit to stop by for a cup of coffee. They also provide the direction and the details of different coffee shops.

Coffee Apps

                  Cool Android Coffee Apps

Coffee GO Launcher Theme

Some of the coffee addicts are not just satisfied with the smell and aroma of coffee only, such that they actually like to wake up looking at a coffee cup filled with coffee. With this coffee app, Android users can have a coffee themed interface on the phone.

Java Mixing Guide

This is one of the guides, which helps you make the coffee you long to drink at that moment. In case you want to brew or mix the coffee drink at home, this mixing guide would be one of the cool apps for Android coffee lovers.

So what are you waiting for, go check out these apps in the Google Play Store and download the one that pleases your taste the best!

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A List Of Android Tablet Apps For Business

Best Android Apps For Tablets

              Android Apps For Tablets

A person handling business might need certain apps that help them with their work, which sometimes is the most difficult thing to do. It is hard to find one, especially when there is a huge collection of apps available out in the market. Most of the apps are very useful. In case you have been looking for a list of best Android apps for tablets, here is a list of business apps for executives.

Due Today

The app that tops the list of best Android apps is Due Today. In case you have issues with getting things organized, then this app might be helpful to you. There are different features in Due Today, which help you with managing things in an easy way. You can enter specific events and reminders for the same. This will let you not to forget about any upcoming event, lest you forget to enter it into the reminder list.

Intuit GoPayment

When it comes to finance, this is one of the best apps. Intuit GoPayment lets the users to read credit card details, keep a track of all the detailed files and save the email addresses of different clients. This app also helps you with making payments, but there is limit to the amount to pay. Any transaction within 100 dollars a month can be carried out with Intuit GoPayment.

File Manager HD

If you have an Android device with many files lurking and do not have the time to organize them, this app would be your best friend while handling files on the device. This file manager lets you access the file system just the same way you do on a desktop. This app gives you all the needed controls to manage files in the device.

Business Apps

                 Android Business Apps

Quick Office Pro HD

This is one of the best Android apps for tablets in case your device is powered by Honeycomb version. This is one of the necessary apps to help you work with the different applications in Microsoft Office. It helps you when you work on Word, Excel and many other applications.

StockAlert Tablet Edition

Take hold of this app in case you are an investor, an individual interested in stock prices or a stock trader. You get many news and alerts associated with Stocks and Shares.

With the above business apps, you will be able to work in the most effective way by saving time and increasing productivity.

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