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Chrome is the best browser you can be using these days. It is fast, powerful, and easy to figure out. And with some of the more technical aspect like JavaScript performance, it clearly outstrips competition from Mozilla and Microsoft. In addition, stock settings can be improved on to get blazing speeds out of this popular browser as well.

You have Google Chrome support for a variety of extensions; some of these are so very useful that once you start using them, you cannot stop. Couple that with a few well-paced tweaks and there is little this browser cannot do that you would want it to. For power users, there are several options you can tamper with under the hood, pertaining to the way the browser uses the CPU and GPU. Why this is not obvious at first look, is because casual surfers do not know enough not to mess it up.

Power extensions

This is one of the awesome things that there is Google Chrome support for. If some of these are not installed and running in your system already, then you can find them at the Chrome Web Store. Most of them are based on games, music players, and social networks. Each extension brings own the work you need to do in any of these areas, effectively speeding up your browsing activities.


This tool adds timesaving functionality to the Chrome browser, doing stuff like showing pop-up bubbles, and also the option to click and search from different search engines like Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, Surf Canyon, and Google. Another function it performs is that it loads the subsequent page as an extension at the end of the current one, when you get there. You can also make clickable links out of selected URL text. This is especially helpful when dealing with email that has too many pasted links without a link out.

Google Quick Scroll

Chrome Web Store

Chrome Settings

With this extension, you can click on any search link and this would bring up a preview of the text played up in your search result. You click on this box and Chrome takes you there, no questions asked.

These are some of the better, more useful extensions for the Chrome browser. Using these, and tweaking the underlying settings, is a way to speed up Chrome considerably. The experimental options are not something to be experimenting with, if you are not knowledgeable in the technical areas. However, if you have enough of an adventurous streak, then go right ahead.

How To Fix Google Chrome

Google Chrome Repair

Google chrome is by many means the best internet browser out there, and it is currently the most popular among desktop users. It has outstripped Firefox,

and made the older versions of IE all but obsolete. However, this is a program first and last, and that almost assures you will have problems with it sooner or later. Chrome’s annoying habit is crashing for no apparent reason, and often when you are tightly hooked to whatever it is you are doing at the time.

You see plenty of community posts where people ask about how to fix Google Chrome crashes. What many of them fail to understand is that this is a complicated piece of software, and any small bug is almost bound to snowball. Some of the errors that this browser throws at you have to with the settings, the speed of the application, or that of your PC.

The main culprit is usually a component like Adobe Flash Player, or other add-ons that needs to load when you enter a certain webpage. Usually the best way to get around such a problem is to use a dedicated program that can fix the pertinent error.

How to fix Google chrome crashes

Reinstalling Chrome

Google Chrome Fix

This always has to be the first answer: try reinstalling Chrome. Go to Control Panel in Windows and use the Remove Programs applet to get rid of the current installation; and remove the settings (back them up first if you need to). Restart the PC and install Chrome from scratch. This time, the application will have everything in good order, including the add-ons that caused your initial problem. If this does not work, then try to find a standalone program that can. Also, see if there is something wrong with the OS that is causing the problem to recur.

One thing that helps a lot of people is using a good registry cleaner. This is really good for speeding up the working of the PC, by getting rid of useless and redundant registry entries that might have come in. You would wonder at how much this could benefit your own computer if you tried it.

Registry problems are one of the most common debilitating factors to easy and fast computing, which is why they have dedicated applications for proper and complete removal of installed programs. However, for stuff that has already been removed and may have left installation keys behind, a registry cleaner is the best option.

How To Remove A Toolbar From Google Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions And Add-Ons

Google Chrome is currently ranked as the most widely used web browser in the world. It came as an alternative to the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox in Windows operating systems. Later on, the browser was released on other operating systems such as Linux and Mac. Chrome is popular across the all the mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Chrome was introduced as a web browser, challenging established web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. No one ever thought that it would become the world’s most popular web browser one day. But that has just happened.

According to internet users, Chrome offers fast browsing experience, few ads and many other benefits. Nevertheless, Chrome can turn out be a mess, just like any other web browser, if it gets infected by a malicious toolbar. If you are a Chrome user and want to know how to remove a toolbar from Google Chrome, here is what you need to do.

Steps to follow

  • Launch your Google Chrome web browser and navigate to the button that is featured with three horizontal lines. You can find the button in the upper right-hand end of your browser.
  • This will display a drop-down menu with multiple options. Go through the dropdown menu until you locate More Tools. Click on the More Tools option, followed by Extensions.

    Fast Browsing Experience

    Chrome Web Browser Settings

  • You will find a list of all the installed extensions. Go through the list until you find the toolbar extension that you wish to get rid of. If there are many toolbars and you do not know which one is causing you the trouble, check with the issue after disabling each of the toolbars. Remember that sometimes even the most legitimate looking extensions will turn out to be malicious and cause you troubles.
  • Once you have pinpointed the toolbar that is causing the problem, uninstall or disable it. It is both advisable and easy to uninstall the toolbar than disabling it. Most toolbars are free and available for download. If you decide to use a toolbar later on, you can download it from online in matter of seconds.

This is how to remove a toolbar from Google Chrome. After the un-installation of the toolbar, you may have to restart your Chrome browser to let the changes take effect.

Google Chrome Support

Google Chrome Browser Issues

Many users seek Google Chrome support when their browser crash in the middle of a browsing session. Though such errors can happen every now and then, repeated occurrences of this problem is a cause for worry. You can take some measures to fix this problem, so that it does not reappear when you are doing some important work online.

Now, there are many different approaches to this. One way is to simply re-install the Chrome browser. In most cases, this will fix the issue. It is very much possible that the error was caused by some corrupt file in the browser, or some error that happened during the installation. Re-installation would fix the issue.

Just go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu and double-click to open the Add or Remove Programs section. There, select the Google Chrome browser from the list and uninstall it by clicking on the Remove button. Go to the Google Chrome support website and download the latest version of this freeware browser. Once the download of the installer file is complete, just run the file to start the installation.

This will be over in a minute or two and the installation wizard would prompt you to select the option for moving all your stored bookmarks, passwords and other data from the other browsers in your system to Google Chrome. One thing you need to pay attention to while starting the installation is to check whether there are any third party applications piggybacking on the installer file for the Chrome browser.

Tech Support Personnel

Fixing Errors In Google Chrome

This is common issue with many freeware applications you download online. The installer would also contain the files for installing some toolbar application or some other useless application. This will be mentioned in the installation wizard, where you need to de-select this option. If not, this useless application will also be installed along with the Chrome browser. So, pay attention to the options mentioned in the installer and do not click the Next button in a hurry.

In some cases, the Chrome browser error mentioned above mentioned above might be caused by some add-on that you were using with the application. If so, this time around you need to avoid using that same add-on. You need to try disabling or uninstalling the add-ons one by one to figure out which one was causing the problem. If you are still dealing with problem in the Chrome browser after all this, contact our tech support personnel for assistance.

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