Comparison Of Laptops And Tablets

Tablet Vs Laptop

              Tablet And Laptop

Are you confused on making your choice between tablets and laptops? You can read the tablet vs laptop comparison that is shared below to know more on the advantages of laptops over tablets.


Laptops are generally cheaper than tablets, especially when you are planning to buy high-end tablets like iPad, Xoom, Galaxy tab etc.

Even though a tablet can be operated with one hand, it does not offer a wrist rest like a laptop does. The user also has to move his arm constantly while operating a tablet. This can prove to be tiresome.

Input Speed

Using a traditional keyboard to type is faster and more convenient than using a virtual keyboard, especially when you have high volume typing workloads.

Video Capabilities

When the laptops have discrete graphics cards, most of the tablets have embedded graphics processors. As per the experts, the quality of graphics of the graphics card and graphics processor is not on the same level. This means that a graphics card produces better graphics.

Folder Management

Tablets are not yet folder oriented as laptops are. Those who make use of a computer for business and work understand the importance of folders and implementing good folder management.

Processor Speed

Tablets still have a long way to compete with the speeds of many of the commercially available laptops.

Advantages Of Laptops

        Laptop Computer


We all know that tablets do not have CD or DVD ROMs and they do not have a CD or DVD writer. If you are planning to use your tablet to watch movies, you will first have to get the movies to a pen drive or some other external device that can be used with the tablet. If the tablet is capable of supporting an external memory card, you can copy the DVD to the memory card and then use it in the tablet. You will also be not able to install anything that is intended for a PC or laptop, even if you can get the installation file on the flash memory of the tablet. Programs that are meant to be used on laptops and PCs do not work on tablets, as they need a different operating system like Windows, Mac, or Linux.

These are some of the drawbacks of tablets when compared to laptops as posted on the tablet vs laptop page. If you wish to know more, you can visit the official Windows page.

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Android Apps To Boost Productivity Of Small Businesses

Run Android Apps On PC

             Android Apps

Android operating system is the leading operating system in the smartphone market. The recent trend is to run Android apps on PC. There are many Android apps that can be run on PC to increase the productivity of your small business. You may read ahead to know more on some of these Android applications.


This is a free app from Android that allows the users to print files from their Android device to the printer. The users can follow the configuration video to install Google Cloud Print Service on their PCs. Not only this, but the users can share their printer with their friends, it offers an internal browser that can help in file management, mail or sms printing, allows printing of web pages, and lets the users print from the clipboard. Moreover, with the help of the cloud print app, the users can print to any printer that is connected with Google Chrome along with sms and contact list printing.

With the in-built feedback button in the app, users can quickly report any operational or technical issues to developers of the app. This app has a user rating of 4.6, as it is very easy to install and offers free plus quick printing.

Contact List Printing

                 Running Android Apps


This free app allows the users to easily access, edit and share documents and stay in touch with the members of your team, from any device. This app helps the users build quick presentations, view updates from the co-workers and register comments. As per the recent statistics, 92 percent of the Fortune 500 companies use Box to have easy and secure data sharing. This app offers a safe platform to edit, access and manage files directly on the Android phone or tablet of the users. This app lets the users save content in it from other apps and it allows saving files to the SD card.

This app offers an interactive platform to the users where they can invite their colleagues to share data and leave their comments. The users can also quickly search for content that they wish for with the Box app. The user rating of this app is 4.4 and so this is a zero complaint app.

These are some of the Android apps that can be used to increase the productivity of small businesses. If you wish to know more on the steps to run Android apps on PC, you can seek help from a professional in the field.

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Making A Choice Between Netbooks And Tablets

Netbook Vs Tablet

About Hybrid Netbook

When it comes to computer gadgets, you have plenty to choose from these days. There are smartphones, tablets, phablets, netbooks, and so on. All this makes picking one somewhat very confusing. For example, comparison of netbook vs tablet, to find out which one will be the best computer device for a working professional, has been going on for long.

Picking the right device for you

With so many options, it is no longer possible to recommend one device as the most suitable option for a particular group of customers like college students, business executives, etc. The bulky laptops have been replaced by netbooks and now, tablets are slowly replacing them all. However, when it comes to tablet PCs, they may have some limitations.

The main difference that stands out in any netbook vs tablet comparison is the keyboard. A tablet is designed to function on touch. It does have an on-screen keyboard, which is more than enough for handling most of text messaging and emailing needs. However, this onscreen keyboard is not much practical to use, when you are typing a long report or an important document for your office.

In such cases, you will need a netbook rather than a tablet. Yet again, these days, you can purchase an attachable keyboard for your tablet. You can use easy-to-carry foldable rubber keyboard or use a well-built keyboard that will work very similar to the one found in a netbook.

Another difference between the two is the size. The bigger screen and keyboard in a netbook is certainly more easy to use for various office-related tasks. But, this makes it difficult to carry it around. On the other hand, tablets are smaller and handy, thereby allowing you to carry your device on the go.

Netbook Vs Tablet

About Hybrid Netbook

There are always advantages and disadvantage to using any computing device. Yet clearly, a good proportion of users want the best of both netbooks and tablets. This is why, many different models of hybrid laptops have hit the market in the last couple of years. By purchasing such hybrid devices, you get an ultra-book, a netbook, and a tablet; everything rolled in to one.

Obviously, you will have to pay more for a hybrid device than what a standard tablet or netbook demands. Recently, we have seen a steady increase in the screen size for tablets and hybrid devices. This might make tablets a bit more preferred over laptops and netbooks.

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Disabling HomeGroup In Windows 7 And Windows 8

Reboot Windows 8

           Windows 8 OS

As part of the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft introduced the HomeGroup, which is an ad hoc home networking service. HomeGroup is also available in Windows 8 OS and it makes it much easy for the consumers and the small businesses to share files and documents between the compatible computers in a network. With making a few changes to the Windows services, the user will be able to disable HomeGroup in Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The steps to be followed to disable HomeGroup in Windows OS are explained below. You can follow these steps carefully so that you do not encounter any Windows errors. Make sure to reboot Windows 8 after doing the steps.


  • Leave any HomeGroups that you have joined. You can do this by going to Control Panel, selecting Network and Internet, then HomeGroup and click on the Leave HomeGroup button. The Windows OS will ask you to confirm your choice. You can select Leave HomeGroup again to finish the process.
  • As you have now left the HomeGroup, we will have to disable the services that power the HomeGroup. To do this you will have to launch the Windows Services utility.
  • If you are using Windows 7 OS, click on the Start button and then type Services in Search box. If you are using Windows 8 OS, launch the Start screen and select View Local Services from the search results.

    Windows Errors

                    Windows Help

  • In Services utility, locate the entry for HomeGroup Provider from the list on the right side. Select it and then click on the Stop sign icon located on top of the window. Alternatively, you may right click on HomeGroup Provider and then select the Stop button. Double click on HomeGroup provider to launch the properties window of the services.
  • Ensure that you are on the General tab and then change Startup type drop down to Disabled. Doing this will prevent the HomeGroup from starting again once you reboot Windows 8 computer.
  • Click on the OK button to save the changes that you have made and then close the window.

These are the steps to disable HomeGroup in Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems. Make sure that you reboot Windows 8 computer by making the necessary changes to disable HomeGroup. If you need further assistance on finishing these steps, you can always contact our tech support team. They will help you finish the steps successfully.

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List Of The Best Windows 8 Tablets

Best Tablet Pc

Windows 8 Tablet

Tablets are fast replacing computers and mobile phones. A tablet can do both what the computer and the cell phone can do. Hence people prefer tablets more nowadays, especially the ones who travel very often. Hence they are also described as handy PCs, most of which are powered by Windows 8. Here is a list of the best tablet PC devices that are handy and portable.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

The Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft is the updated slate powered by Windows 8, which has improved in almost every vector. Most of the ultra book components are loaded into a sturdy skeleton in the most innovative way. What more, to add some spice to the tablet experience, there are various accessories to go with it. This tablet PC is better than Surface Pro in every way.

Panasonic Touchpad FZ-G1

Panasonic is privileged to introduce the toughest PC tablet that can survive in every condition. The slate is proved to be the best slate to be used even in the toughest conditions.

Dell Venue 8 Pro

This is an entry level tablet powered by Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is an operating system that has the ability to crop according to the system that is used, such as Nexus 7 or iPad.

Dell Venue 11 Pro

This is a PC tablet with 1080p IPS screen along with a great battery life. Another feature of the tablet is the flexible docking system, which means business to Dell.

Asus Transformer Book T100

Asus Transformer Book T100 is a hybrid model fully loaded with Windows 8.1 features. When you look into the functions, it is evident that it is a natural successor to the concept of a notebook from a few years back. The tablet PC does not cost more than 300 pounds.

Hybrid Model

Tablet Pc Help

Toshiba Encore

The tablet looks impressive with a solid performance and a reasonable battery life. The price has decreased pretty much after it was released, which now costs around 200 pounds and hence you can afford to buy it. This is Toshiba’s first tablet that is powered by Windows 8.

Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 2 Pro

Lenovo Ideal Pad Yoga 2 Pro is a hybrid model of an ultra book and a tablet, which addresses some of the previous shortcomings. It has an innovative hinge design and boasts a fantastic screen.

If you are planning to buy a tablet PC, consider any one of these best tablet PC devices. Choose one that suits your requirements and preferences the best.

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