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Tablet PC

Before you buy a tablet PC, there are certain factors you need to consider. Here are some of the important things you need to assess before paying your hard earned money on a tablet device.

Cost of the device

The cost is an important thing to consider before you choose a tablet PC. Actually, if you have the money to buy an iPad, you need not really have to look for anything else, they are obviously good. If that is not the case, you need to know that there are many options in the market where you will be able to buy tabs ranging from just $50 to over $1000.


The next thing you need to look for while choosing a tablet is connectivity. You need to check whether it is only Wi-Fi enabled, Wi-Fi and 3G both or whether it is just Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge, or GPRS? You will see that mostly just Wi-Fi and no other option of connecting to the PC or other devices using Bluetooth technology will be available.


Next, you need to check the processor. Today, anything less than 1ghz is actually not worth considering at all. This is because your applications will start responding really slow. This means you will not be able to use the device smoothly when you are working on multiple applications.

Display & Size

The next thing you need to consider is the display. An LED HD screen should look good. Size is another important factor while considering a tablet. A 10″ tab will look good. The 7-inch one may be far more convenient to carry.


This refers to the internal memory and the expandable Micro SD capacity. Most good tablets offer expandable storage up to 64 GB.


You will find many accessories coming along with the tablet, like the USB cable and the charger of course. There can be other accessories such as the tab cover. Most of these offers are available online. You need to search properly to get the best offer. Some of the best tablet PC companies even offer free headphones.


Quality Tablet PC

Dual camera

Most tablets offer a rear camera. Now, there are also tablets offer a Front camera to make video communications possible. Though a camera might not be the most important feature to have in a tab, when you are provided with one, you may as well use it.

Operating System

This is also an important thing to look for before you buy a tablet. You need to check the version of OS that is installed on the tablet. It is always best not to go for outdated versions, as some applications may not be supported in the same.

These are some of the important factors you need to consider before buying a tablet PC. Consider all the options and choose the best tablet PC that suits your preferences the best.

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Top Reasons To Buy A Tablet PC

Tablet PC Reviews

Reviews On Tablet PCs

Tablets PCs or the portable computers have taken the tech market by a storm. Due to its amazingly user-friendly options, some users even consider tables as a perfect replacement for laptops and computers. In fact, if you have a tablet PC, you can use it as your smartphone, laptop or even a PC. The lightweight and portable features of this device just accentuate this fact.

Nowadays, you may find countless number of tablets available in the market that choosing one can prove to be a bit difficult. In such cases, checking out the best Tablet PC reviews can help you in judging the gadgets and ultimately selecting a specific one that suits your needs. Clearly, a tablet has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Clearly, the most notable advantage of a tablet PC is its portability. Tablets are comparatively lightweight and also relatively easier to carry around. Moreover, when you use a tablet, you don’t need to reach out for it to browse or access the applications like in the case of a computer.

It has been observed that certain laptops also take a while to start and even can become hot after a short period of use. But in the case of tablets, you would hardly face such an issue. While using smartphones, many users complain that they are unable to view the entire web page in their devices. However, in the case of tablet PCs, no such issues occur and you would be able to view the websites just like in your computer. But as mentioned earlier, while buying a tablet PC, it is recommended to consider Tablet PC reviews in order to purchase the best one.

Battery Life Of Tablets

Tablet PC Features

When you consider productivity, a tablet in the workplace can be quite helpful in handling the basic tasks such as checking emails. For example, just imagine if you’re using a PC instead of this tablet, you would find it more difficult to work. Several business professionals often use their tablet PCs as a second screen along with the computers at their workplaces.

Also, the battery life of tablets is much more when you compare it with that of laptops. Where a laptop can go for say 2-3 hours without plugging the charger, a tablet can even last a whole day.

In short, a tablet has several advantages over a laptop, smartphone and a PC. But selecting the best one that suits your needs is really important.

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Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And Nexus 7

Tablet PC Comparison

Purchase Tablet PC

Tablet PCs have become the trend in the market with customers eagerly waiting for the release of new ones to upgrade. Two of the latest tablet PCs in the market is Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. So, which one has more features loaded in it? Let us find out. In this tablet PC comparison, we will compare the features of both these tablet PCs.

Design and screen size

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 5.7 inch screen while Nexus 7 has a larger display of 7 inches. When it comes to pixel density, Nexus 7 has a slight advantage over its rival. Samsung Note 3 allows you to insert a SIM card in it and make calls. Now, in case of Nexus 7, you will not be able to insert a SIM card. The program can use Wi-Fi to give you access to internet.


Both the tablets are equipped with enormous power. Nexus 7 is powered by a quad core processor, which has a speed of 1.5 GHz. The processor speed of Note 3 is higher compared to Nexus 7, as it has a 2.3 GHz processor.

Operating system

Galaxy Note 3 comes equipped with the latest version of Android, which is Android 4.4. This operating system supports TouchWiz UI and is very fast. Now, Nexus 7 has Android 4.3. However, users may upgrade it to the next version of Android.


You can find Nexus 7 in two memory capacities. You may choose the 16 GB version or the 32 GB version of the tablet. Note 3 offers better memory with 64 GB internal storage capacity.

Battery life

Nexus has a better battery unit in the program. It comes with 3950 mAh battery whereas Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 3200 mAh battery.

Tablet Computers

Features Of Tablet PC


When it comes to pricing, Nexus 7 is a clear winner. Nexus 7 comes with a price tag of 220 dollars. Galaxy Note 3 is priced at 530 dollars, which is more than twice the price of Nexus 7. This is the price for the 16 GB variants. Now, the higher price of Note 3 is expected as this tablet has more features than its rival does.

We hope that this tablet PC comparison has helped you to choose the right tablet as per your requirement. For further information on tablet computers or PCs, you may contact our technical support team.

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Running Android Apps In PC Without Bluestacks

Run Android Apps On PC

                Android PC Emulator

Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators used to run Android apps on PC. This software comes highly recommended and has been downloaded and used countless times over the years. However, this is not the only Android emulator in the market. There are several other rival products that run equally well, or sometimes better.

One of the major shortcomings of Bluestacks is the technical specifications required to run this program in a computer. Unless you have 2 Gigabytes of RAM, a powerful graphics card and fast processor to complement the computer performance, you will find it impossible to run the program and work an app inside this. In slower computers, the Apps will not work well or the entire computer would slow down to a halt.

Rather than upgrade your entire computer in order to run Android apps on PC, it makes better sense to use another emulator. There are several other emulators in the market, which are capable of running with the same capabilities, but without requiring such a high technical specifications.

Some of the Bluestacks replacements have been listed below, in order of popularity:

Android SDK Emulator

This Emulator is provided by Google itself, making it the native emulator for running Android Apps on your computer. One of the biggest advantages of using this emulator is that it has one of the least required technical specifications.  The tag of being a Google product itself is the reason why it stands out from other emulators. It has many features inbuilt into the program, making it one of the most preferred emulators for both Android enthusiasts as well as programmers.

The Jar of Beans Emulator

Android Emulators

        Emulators For Running Android Apps

If you wish to run applications that require high quality screen resolutions and graphics in an average computer, the Jar of Beans Emulator is your safest bet. However, do note that you will only be able to run apps that are compatible with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1. This emulator is capable of running apps that have a resolution of 1280*768 and also renders a good quality audio, making it the standard choice when running media apps or Games.

The GenyMotion Emulator

Most Android emulators are made to run on Windows. If you are running Linux in your computer or own an Apple product, you do not have to feel left out any more. The GenyMotion Emulator is available for Linux, iOS and windows and is a very powerful emulator capable of running most Android Apps.

As you can see, there are several other competitors in the market. This list might vary according to individual preferences, but these three rivals are arguably the best amongst all.

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Tablet Computer IPad 2 - A Hit Or A Miss?


Tablet Computer Reviews

               Tablet Computer Device

With the release of iPad 2, people are very much curious to know if this would change the era of computers to an era of Tablet computers. Irrespective of whether a new era has begun or not, it is sure that technology has come a long way from what it was earlier. Tablet computer reviews are of the opinion that users will love iPad 2 and that it will become one of the most popular tablet computers in future.

Let us check out what the latest iPad 2 has in store for the users. It seems like the latest device will be a huge competition for the older version. Primarily, you will see that the latest Tablet is faster, lighter and thinner than the earlier one. iPad 2 is just 0.34 inches; hence this makes the most comfortable Tablet available in the market. Since it is thin, you will be able to work better and will not have any issues holding it in hand. Talking about the battery life, the battery stays up to 10 hours.

One of the most important things that you need to notice is that, as the Tablets gets thinner and thinner, chances are more that one day computers and laptops will be replaced by them. Furthermore, it might turn out that the only gadget we carry around will be the Tablet computer. The popularity of Tablets is increasing with time as more and more features are added that have the potential to replace laptops and personal computers.

Popular Tablet Computers

                Mobile Computer Devices

iPad 2 will have two cameras on the device. One of it will be a low resolution camera in the front and the other will be a camera with high-definition to capture the most exciting moments of life. This feature is available with every Tablet but the back camera would be a better one comparatively. You can compare this camera with Motorola Xoom, but both need some improvements. But they are so good enough to click pictures with higher quality. Apart from all these, there is a HGMI slot, which helps you connect to a high definition television. With the gyroscope included, playing games is all the more fun. Eventually, Tablets are reaching the point where they would become all-in-one multipurpose devices.

The 16GB version of iPad 2 is priced at 499 dollars, the 64GB 3D version at 829 dollars, and the 32GB 3G iPad is priced slightly higher than the competitors at 729 dollars. Tablet computer reviews say that this is one of the best devices people can get considering the current trends.

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